• 14.02.2020 Research for The Hague sculpture exhibition

    In the last decades, various kinds of sculpture exhibitions have taken place on the ‘Lange Voorhout’ in The Hague. However, this tradition has stopped since a couple of years. The municipality of The Hague has asked Imagine Leisure to conduct research into which new concept would be successful for this unique location and how such an exhibition can be realised.

    The feasibility study started with a historical view of the various types of exhibitions that have been manifested at Lange Voorhout. In addition, an analysis of other sculpture exhibitions in Europe made clear how a new concept can distinguish itself. An extensive consultation of field experts and stakeholders in the city took place. This resulted in a concept description, including the conditions to realise it. One of the most important factors was the fact that this location requires working with renowned artists of international allure. It also became clear that it is important to link the exhibition to other, preferably indoor locations.

  • 21.01.2020 Future scenario's Zeelandhallen

    The recent months, Imagine Leisure worked on a analysis for Libema to develop various scenario's for the future usage of the eventlocation 'Zeelandhallen'. With an analysis of the leisure market, MICE market and business market, recent developments have been described. Based on this analysis, two scenario's have been created for redevelopment of the location. The results have been presented to the board of Libema and the municipality of the city. For both scenario's the pro's and con's have been added. Based on this advice, the board can make a strategic choice on the redevelopment of the Zeelandhallen.

  • 17.12.2019 Imagine Leisure investigates MICE opportunities for the city of Breda

    Breda focuses on growth in tourism, recreational as well as business travel. This resulted in the Breda Citymarketing organisation which has started at the beginning of 2019. To be able to make well informed decisions as to which activities are meaningful and effective, Imagine Leisure was asked to investigate how the MICE market (meetings, incentives, congresses and exhibitions) works and whether Breda should focus on this market.

    The research must provide insight into the general trends and developments, the current activities and facilities in Breda and the distinctive character of the city. Based on this, an advice is given about the strategic direction and related activities. A number of scenarios are set out, including required resources and roles of various stakeholders.

    In addition to collecting and analyzing research and relevant documents, many interviews are held with local stakeholders and experts in the sector. A consultative group of stakeholders in the city is involved in the process. The report is expected to be ready by the end of January 2020.

  • 02.12.2019 Development of Het Sprookjesbos Valkenburg

    We're pleased to announce that we have successfully supported Innoxite Leisure in acquiring ‘Het Sprookjesbos’ Valkenburg, a theme park in the south of the Netherlands. This is a popular destination for families and young children, with an enchanted fairy tale forest theme. Innoxite has been operating the park since mid-2019 and has already increased turnover through improvements in marketing, merchandising and operations.

    But that's not all: the new operator will continue to implement improvements to the theming, as well as introducing new attractions. Imagine Leisure has secured the funding for this work, and some new attractions are already on their way to the park, including a stone-age themed train and a Flying Carpet. Together, Innoxite and Imagine Leisure have produced an extensive strategic plan. This will enable the operator to undertake work to improve the park further. The plan includes new attractions as well as more facilities to improve the guest experience and decrease weather dependency. The park will also host events in the future to attract a bigger audience.

  • 28.10.2019 Leisure acquisition Drenthe

    The province of Drenthe has the ambition to attract more visitors to the region. Therefor, we've been given the assignment to acquire new visitor attractions and strengthen the existing facilities.

    To realise this ambition, the first step is getting a clear a view on the existing facilities and the ambitions and goals from various stakeholders within the province. This includes data analysis, market research and interviewing the various stakeholders. Based on the information of this phase, step two is creating a strategic plan, including targets, quick-wins and long term aims. It also includes the necessary steps to take actually achieving those goals and getting visitor attractions to the region. After setting of the plan, it's also executed by us, reaching out to possible new operators and guiding the process of acquisition.