• 25.05.2022 Leisure plan for Lelystad approved!

    The Municipality of Lelystad faces a major development task around Bataviastad and the Marker Wadden: the 'Bataviaquarter'. Commissioned by the municipality, Imagine Leisure has conducted an extensive study to determine what a suitable additional leisure concepts would be for Lelystad, in line with the goals and target groups. This plan has been enthusiastically received.

    Lelystad has strong ambitions to become a more attractive destination. Bataviastad and Batavialand already attract 3 million visitors, but needs a better placemaking/destination strategy. Based on a market analysis (GAP analysis), a clear profile has been drawn up, including concrete concepts, which provides a strong impulse for the development of the Bataviakwartier. An action plan for the coming period has also been worked out. The plan has been embraced and approved by the municipality and the next steps will soon be started. Imagine Leisure is of course actively involved in this as well.

  • 21.06.2021 Floriade & the region

    In 2022, the Floriade Expo will take place in Almere, Flevoland. Imagine Leisure has been asked by the province to make a plan to involve residents, entrepreneurs and students in this major event. The main goal is to create more economic effect and enthusiasm among the target groups.

    The plan focuses, among other things, on the visibility of the event and the Flevoland brand for visitors who come to the region in 2022. In addition, visitors are involved in this grand event in playful ways and activities are developed to involve students through the theme of the Floriade. Once the plan has been approved, implementation begins.

  • 15.03.2021 Masterplan Veenpark support

    Drenthe is famous for its original character and historic basis. The museum, attractions and sites are often related to the unique stories of the region. One of the stories is the history of the peat extraction, which can be experiences in the Veenpark in Barger-Compascuum, near Emmen. The Veenpark has the ambition to give the park a significant boost in terms of storyline, experience, interaction and quality level.

    In order to realize this ambition, a Veenpark Masterplan has been drawn up, detailing the content of Veenpark 2.0 and the various phases in the development. This describes the story, the new functions, the various activities, the organization and the business case.

    Imagine Leisure was asked to provide feedback on the first version of the plan and subsequently cooperated in improving the plan. Particularly in the areas of customer flow, organization and business case, the development of the master plan was helped. On the 12th of March it was announced that the province of Drenthe and the municipality of Emmen have made a one-off budget available for the development of the park and an additional annual contribution up to and including 2024 for the operation.

  • 09.07.2020 Development concept for Gouda city hall

    The Gouda city hall, a beautiful building from 1459 in the middle of the ‘Markt’, has been in use by the TeKa Group. The owner has the desire to give this location a much stronger connection with Gouda and to ensure that many more people can enjoy. For that reason, Imagine Leisure was asked to create a concept book.

    Imagine Leisure has started a market analysis to gain insight into the catchment area, the demographic data of the inhabitants, what the tourist profile looks like and what kind of leisure is already available in Gouda and surroundings. Based on the market analysis, the next step was creating the concept. Given the special and authentic location, the theme and storyline are crucial. In this step Imagine Leisure asked the SMILE of Experience and Studio Harm Hasenaar to participate in this project.

    The final step is to prepare a global business case for the investment and operation. Based on this, it can be made clear that the initial investment is necessary to realize the concept and to what extent the exploitation is profitable. After this business case has been drawn up, the total in a draft book is delivered to the TeKa Group. The conceptbook will be ready after the summer.

  • 28.06.2020 New Family Entertainment Center: Playdôme

    A new indoor entertainment center with interactive karting, laser gaming, fun curling, hyper bowling, axe throwing and a restaurant. All this can be visited next year at the current Leisurepark Roosendaal, which will be completely renovated and will be called Playdôme Roosendaal. Responsible for these plans are entrepreneur Nicky Broos and his daughter. Until recently, Broos owned Skidôme and Indoor Skydive in both Rucphen and Terneuzen. Imagine leisure is hired to help with the realisation. It is a major project: together with a number of investors, over six million euros will be spent on the renovation and expansion of the current center. The project is also ambitious: in September it is planned to start construction so that the new center is scheduled to open to the public in early 2021.

    The interactive form of karting is unique in Europe and hyperbowling can only be played in two locations in the Netherlands. There will be five lanes for funcurling and an area where axes can be thrown. This makes the proposition very strong in the Netherlands. And all in an alpine theme, with lots of wood and metal. Karting will go through the forest in a winter environment, fun curling in an igloo and laser gaming both under and above the tree line. The catering will serve dishes from the Alpine kitchen, from countries such as Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland.