• 06.08.2019 Seminar leisure and real estate

    On the 26th of September Imagine Leisure will be hosting the first Leisure & Real Estate Seminar, organised by the dutch real estate platform Vastgoedjournaal.nl. There are several interesing guests from various organisations, like operators, municipalities and project developers.

    The seminar will address developments within the market, opportunities within The Netherlands, interesting concepts and more. Imagine Leisure is exited about this initiative.

  • 03.06.2019 Leisure acquisition Drenthe

    The province of Drenthe has the ambition to attract more visitors to the region. Therefor, we've been given the assignment to acquire new visitor attractions and strengthen the existing facilities.

    To realise this ambition, the first step is getting a clear a view on the existing facilities and the ambitions and goals from various stakeholders within the province. This includes data analysis, market research and interviewing the various stakeholders. Based on the information of this phase, step two is creating a strategic plan, including targets, quick-wins and long term aims. It also includes the necessary steps to take actually achieving those goals and getting visitor attractions to the region. After setting of the plan, it's also executed by us, reaching out to possible new operators and guiding the process of acquisition.

  • 01.05.2019 Imagine Leisure to speak at GCDN

    Imagine Leisure is invited tot speak at the annual convening of the Global Cultural Districts Network (GCDN). The GCDN works on collaboration and knowledge-sharing among those responsible for creative and cultural districts, quarters and clusters.

    We are very honoured to be speaking at this worldwide convening about experiences, leisure and the relation to culture. The session is about where are we heading with immersive experiences, how art and entertainment converge and what are audience wants.

  • 21.03.2019 Visitor destination at TT World

    We started a new project aiming to attract visitors all year round to the area of TT World. This plot is adjacent to the legendary Dutch TT Circuit Assen, which hosts international motorsports events such as the MotoGP, World and the Motocross of Nations. The historic track is located on the outskirts of the city of Assen, in the north of the Netherlands. 

    The track is a popular venue, but visitors tend to come for one-off events rather than viewing it as a destination in its own right. Our goal is to create a feasible concept for a new leisure destination. Based on the history and DNA of the location and review of the market, we'll work on developing a concept that is an addition to the location and is feasible.

  • 01.02.2019 Concept book new attraction finalised

    For the municipality of Vaals (The Netherlands), Imagine Leisure has presented the concept book for a new immersive experience as an option to redevelop the current city hall. The concept book includes the authentic story line and feasibility study. The attraction is a combination of a walkthrough attraction, added with a queste on the mythical attic that can be played inside the venue, but also in the surroundings. Our partner LDP was responsible for the market analysis and feasibility study and Kinetic Creative for the sketches.